Employment Opportunities for Disabled Persons:

Innovative Training and Technology

Notes of the 4th Project Meeting

Cagliari, 17-20 september 1999


  1. Persons attending the meeting.






From Consorzio AURORA:




  1. Formal Welcome.

    The formal welcome words were spoken by Prof. Stenta and Mr. Sotgiu.


  3. Notes of the 3th project meeting.

    Reading of the notes by all partners attending the meeting.

    The notes are approved by all partners without remarks.


  5. Progress reports.




Christophe Delezie showed a video that was made by the French partners. In this movie they showed on a very structured manner the way of working and the way things are organised by CAVA-IRIS. Christophe gave more explanation about possibilities and results of both organisations. Jacky Levassuer focussed on the way he was working as family therapist with the people of both organisations and their parents.

Harlinde Exelmans proposed to organise a workshop as a dessimination project.



Prof. Stenta explained the research that was done in SME to introduce to them the capacities of disabled persons and also show them the possibilities to work with handicapped people.

This research led to the realisation of a CD-ROM containing three major parts of information:

  1. To show the society the necessaty to give a job to disabled people. We have to understand that in the Republic of Italy the non-disabled and disabled people have the same basic rights. There exist the right of education, but also the right to have a job.
  2. A part containing withnesses of leaders of SME’s who testifying on a positive way about the work done by disabled people.
  3. The legislation on this point in Italy.

As a part of the dessimination phase this CD-ROM will be delivered to the different companies.

There will be a confrontation directly between the disabled people and the SME’s. They dont’t use any kind of interface.

At the first weeks of October 12 persons will be trained for this mission. They will be trained on the part of their knowledge of informatics and of their knowledge of the legislation.These persons are coming from Puglia (4), Sardinia(4) en Sicilia (4).

Their message will be:

Prof. Stenta said that the Minister in Italy was very pleased with the initiative, and that next year these courses will be thought also in two regions more in Italy (e.g. Lombardia).



Harlinde explained the four phases INDOGO worked on since April till September 1999, being:

All these items are in extenso explained as a text who whas handed over to all the participants.


The next EDIT-meeting is scheduled in Rome from 3 till 6 December 1999.


Proposed items of the meeting: